Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Malema Disgrace

The solution to the Malema created disgrace in our land is not a court battle to shut him up. Our leaders need to come out and distance themselves from his attempts to run against the concept of living together better. I'm surprised that our president has not spoken out and pointed out that, while Malema has the right to speak out and chant his chant, his rhetoric is actually in conflict with the ANC slogan on the election posters: "Together we can do better."Our president's silence regarding this matter brings further shame. It is a silent encouragement to widen racial division. It is a shame that, unlike Nelson Mandela, he is not looking for opportunity to integrate moderates, but quietly encouraging extremists to polarize our nation further. Shame on all our leaders who can make a difference. Shame on you Mr Zuma.

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